In the domain of the construction material and decoration, Padimat is one of the most entrepreneurial and dynamic companies in the Portuguese market. The brand was born out of the necessity of specialization and internationalization of the Grupo AZEVEDO’S - S.G.P.S, S.A. A solid business group of which we inherited a natural tendency to differentiate ourselves through the quality, the spirit of innovation and the ability to anticipate the market needs. It was true in the beginning, in 1998, and it is true today.

Our signature can be found in hundreds of products. Each one of those products was designed and developed to answer to the higher technical standards in the construction material market. An area, in which we were pioneers in the introduction of new and revolutionary products, namely aged marble, enamelled glass tablets, schist and quartzite from China and India, stainless steel and volcanic clay coatings, micro fine marble and, more recently, the last generation of porcelain stoneware, with 3 x 1 m pieces.
This innovative spirit is permanent, is present in all our departments, and has already crossed borders to new markets. Whether in Portugal or elsewhere in the world, the know-how, the design, and the latest generation of technology are always a part of who we are and of who choose us.


Much of what makes us stand out and differentiate ourselves is a responsibility for all the people that work with us, for those who at the front line give all they can for our brand. More than the products it is the people who help us take our values to wherever our clients are. We are talking about our professional and personalized assistance and our technical and aesthetic advice. But we are also talking about our 800 m2 showroom, designed by the architect João Álvaro Rocha. Padimat warmly welcomes all visitors. 3 km away from Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro, in Oporto.  2 km away from the showroom, the logistics department, with 1200 m2 of covered area, ensures the control, storage and delivery of the materials, in perfect conditions.


It is not enough to know what our clients are searching for. It is not enough to have the greatest variety. It is not enough to offer state-of-the-art design. Within Padimat we only rest when we deliver our products in a quickly and effectively way. Knowing that we have the widest stock available helps immensely to ensure that this task can be successfully performed: a product ready for immediate delivery.


Several years of good businesses and good sharing practices taught us to better answer the needs and desires of our clients. When quality and innovation are at stake we are sure that our clients are as demanding as we are. If, on one hand, the is the ones that search for products with an innovative design and prestigious brands, for the other hand there are the ones that bring technicality to the equation, as is the case with the solutions for facades and special flooring. To all of them we answer with a portfolio of national and international (mainly Italian) brands and with the development of product lines of our own brand.


Together with the recognition of large national and international brands we have decided to make a dream come true: the development of our own brand. And that was how the Evolution brand was born in 2006. Designed from scratch by our Design Team, the Evolution brand is characterized by its exclusivity, creativity and innovation and by the certainty that a good design can and should be more widely accessible. When we speak of Evolution we are speaking of three brands that complement themselves: WE Bathing (taps, bathtubs, shower trays, shower and bathtub screens, accessories and sanitary furniture), WE Coverings (ceramic, vitreous and natural stone wall and floor tiles) and WE Kitchens. Two ranges of different products all created with the same passion.